Dog License Application

Dog Ordinance - PLEASE READ

Please make yourself aware of the Hope Township Dog ordinance. In it, it states that any resident living in an apartment
of 5 rooms or less can have 1 dog. A resident living on less than 5 acres can have 3 dogs. A resident living on 5 or more acres can have 5 dogs. Any resident having 6 dogs or more, must obtain a kennel license.

Please also note that there is a leash law in the Township and, unless your dog is contained in some way, on your property, he/she must be on a leash.

This is particularly true of dogs being walked at Swayze Mill Park. If you are taking your dog to Swayze Mill for a walk
you must have him/her on a leash at all times.

Many people enjoy using the park to exercise themselves and their dogs, it only seems fair to everyone to leash and clean up after your pet.


Dog License Application

Please print and fill out the dog license application and mail with the appropriate fee.

Please Note: All dogs must be licensed by January 31 of each calendar year.  Any dogs licensed after January 31 are subject to late fees.

Questions? Please call 908-459-5011 x 1 Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00